Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christian Services and the United Way!

Christian Services of Howard County would like to thank all of you who made contributions during the past year through the United Way Campaign. The United Way requires that all of these funds be used to assist people in need and not for any operating expenses. Thus, your contributions have helped with rent assistance, (some to prevent eviction) utilities, car repair, medical and dental care, and some emergency food.

Now is the time to decide where you want your contributions to be used as the new Campaign begins. Christian Services would appreciate your prayerful consideration of designating your donation to their non-profit organization, thereby, helping people right here in Howard County.

There is one "Donor Choice Form" which you simply mark "NON-UNITED WAY AGENCY" and include the following mailing address. You must have the correct address or the option of sending your gift will be invalid and it will be put into the general fund of the United Way. OUR MAILING ADDRESS:

P.O. BOX 21

(Also known as the Christian Women's Thrift Shop)

With regard to the Federal Employees, the Combined Federal Campaign does not accept Christian Services as a participating organization. Therefore, we encourage Federal Employees to send their contribution directly to us at the above address.

Again, Thank You for your continued support and your concern for the people in need in Howard County.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Heart to Serve those with the Love of Christ....

Over the past forty years, the Volunteers at Christian Services of Howard County, MD have offered aid in one of the fast growing and wealthiest counties in the nation. They help the members of this community that go unnoticed. They help the struggling single mother or father, and low income family to put food on the table, basic furniture in their home and clothing for the entire family in a county priced for those making six figures.

How do they continue to offer this kind of aid? If you talk to Eileen S, the current volunteer Director, she would tell you Christ and Christ alone makes it all possible. He is the one who provides the thousands of pounds of donated clothing, food, and furniture to this organization every year.

Christian Services, then sorts the donations and sells some to the public through their Thrift Shop, which is open Tuesday, Thursday, and the second and forth Saturday. The rest of the items find there way in to the hands of individuals directed to the Christian Services by both local and state help organizations.

How can you help? By bringing your clothing, furniture, and food items to our location Tuesday, Thursday, or second and fourth Saturday between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. Contact us via e-mail,, or by phone (410) 465-1060. If you attend one of the supporting churches, contact your churches coordinator. The greatest way to support us is remembering to pray for us. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers and items to sell and provide to those in need in Howard County. As long as there is need in this county, we are committed to serve.

Helping Bring the Light of Christ to a Dark World....