Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christian Services and the United Way!

Christian Services of Howard County would like to thank all of you who made contributions during the past year through the United Way Campaign. The United Way requires that all of these funds be used to assist people in need and not for any operating expenses. Thus, your contributions have helped with rent assistance, (some to prevent eviction) utilities, car repair, medical and dental care, and some emergency food.

Now is the time to decide where you want your contributions to be used as the new Campaign begins. Christian Services would appreciate your prayerful consideration of designating your donation to their non-profit organization, thereby, helping people right here in Howard County.

There is one "Donor Choice Form" which you simply mark "NON-UNITED WAY AGENCY" and include the following mailing address. You must have the correct address or the option of sending your gift will be invalid and it will be put into the general fund of the United Way. OUR MAILING ADDRESS:

P.O. BOX 21

(Also known as the Christian Women's Thrift Shop)

With regard to the Federal Employees, the Combined Federal Campaign does not accept Christian Services as a participating organization. Therefore, we encourage Federal Employees to send their contribution directly to us at the above address.

Again, Thank You for your continued support and your concern for the people in need in Howard County.

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  1. Great to your involvement in the United Way.

    Kenneth Alford